Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Latin American Market 2.0

I was reading a blog on the Mexican Internet market posted by Joseph Jaffe on Crayonville's blog.

He wrote:-

"20% of the population is online and a staggering 70% of this group are broadband enabled.

Furthermore, Latin American leads broadband subscriber growth in 2005 vs 2004 with a whopping 70.7%. Next highest is Western Europe with 42.2%
(source: eMarketer)"

It reminded me of a report I put together late last year on the Latin American Market (not to be confused by the US Hispanic Market) and my findings support the blog:-

"Latin American market is the fastest growing market of Internet users comprising a total population of 553,908,632 and an Internet Penetration of 76,437,188 users, which has been largely neglected by many English speaking Internet firms.

While only 14.40% of the Central and Latin American population has access to the Internet in comparison to Oceania/Australia which has 52.06% penetration, this figure represents 8.50% of the global Internet Population versus the 0.50% for Oceania/Australia." (Source: Web 2.0, The Central and Latin America Market Opportunity, Chile – The Latin Tiger)

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