Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Greatest Community Marketer

I was reading the current Fortune Magazine, while at Gloria Jeans in Bondi Junction, and there was a small article in the First section on Richard Branson's new initiative on his part in keeping the world green (sorry the article is not online: Question Authority: "Preaching Green with the Zeal of a Convert").

Regardless, of his good points and bad points, as per his unauthorised biography - "Branson" by Tom Bower; Branson by nature is a highly effective Community Marketer.

His most recent move:- he has pleadged all Virgin Atlantic's and Virgin Trains profits to research on renewable energies.

Brilliant! Next time your choosing your between a Virgin product and other, and you have a conscience of the environment, you will more than likely choose a Virgin product or service - not necessarily Virgin Atlantic or Trains - the Halo Effect in full steam.

The brilliant thinking here, is that if you read the fine print, he is committing, not donating the profits to alternative energies.

That is to say, he will more than likely be a major shareholder of the new Virgin Energy business/investments and get a return on investment from the new venture(s).

My hat off to him for thinking out of the box.

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