Thursday, March 8, 2007

Community Marketing

How does Web 2.0 Marketing differ from other forms of digital marketing?

Traditional marketing relies on Push-Pull Strategies that when planned and executed effectively allows an enterprise to achieve its strategic objective. However, in my experience; Australian company's generally always embrace a half-cooked Push or Pull strategy - but very rarely both.

With high Internet penetration of 1,958,914 in Australia, more of your target customers are spending more time online.

Web 2.0 allows users to tap into social, cool and funky applications & tools to enrich their lives. As a Marketer you need to start thinking on how you can build communities around your brands - and perhaps how can you tap into established communities and create content that will Halo Effect across to your brands.

This approach goes way beyond creating Flash Banners - and extends into creating tools and content that will connect;

-Customers with prospects
-Prospects with prospects
-Your brands with your customers and prospects
-Customers with Customers

Companies that are effectively employing Community Marketing are generally digital firms - creating an amazing opportunity for atom based firms to differentiate themselves by embracing Community Marketing before everyone else does.

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