Monday, October 8, 2007

Lock in the experience

It's been a week since I arrived from Manhattan, NYC and while is was there I had the opportunity to meet some interesting people, both that work in digital and as well as other industries.

We got talking about online and their expectations, what stood out is that no matter what application that they use, one thing that they all expect from their app is a robust and ever evolving platform with sophisticated back-end tools.

If you look at Blogger, you can see that more and more work is being done on the back end of the application - including the purchase of FeedBurner by Google.

It got me thinking that if you have an application that you are offering to users, more and more of your development investment needs to be directed on developing "e-tools" that will lock in your customers to your online app.

What other better way than truly add value to your customers than assisting them to achieve their overall business goal by building and integrating into other back-end platforms.

Developing robust back-end tools will be one way to differentiate your core offering while reducing churn.

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